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Christopher Janke is a poet and visual artist. His poems have appeared in Harper's, A Public Space, American Poetry Review and dozens of other journals. His visual work has been on display in galleries nationwide. And his site-and-time-specific large-scale installations use sun-shadows and perspective-troubling etched tracings on clear acrylic to disorient the viewer and to inquire about the relationship between words and objects. The next full installation is set tentatively for November 2015 at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. A smaller installation will be in Montague, Massachusetts sponsored by the Massachusetts Cultural Council in October 2014.

The last full installation was June 21, 2013 and was titled "How the world wears its words". There are photos below, on the "OF THE OF OF THE OF" page (part of this site), at kickstarter (Kickstarter), and on his process blog for that project:

Follow on twitter @​cdjanke for sporadic updates and musings about his projects.

from How the World Wears its Words June 21 2013

of the of of the of #'s 1-9 handmade acrylic case edition

An art book of sorts consisting of 9 looseleaf books printed on vellum and mounted with magnets in a handmade acrylic case. Each book contains one poem and 9 visual re-interpretations of that poem and invites the reader to change and manipulate the layers. Can be wall-hung or displayed on a table.

of the of of the of

structure of the embryonic rat brain (Fence Books)

10 explosive stream-of-consciousness prose poems.

Called a "must read" by the Bloomsbury Review.

other current projects

Manuscripts under consideration:
-psalterium, a MS of 50 short poems. Selections published in A Public Space, American Poetry Review, Boston Review, and elsewhere. Finalist for the National Poetry Series 2008, 2010, 2011.

-blepharism, a 90-page poem around the spasm of an eyelid. Selections published in Bateau, Forklift Ohio, Conduit, Tarpaulin Sky, and elsewhere. Finalist and semi-finalist for the CSU prize.

-posthumous love poems and translations (in progress)

Christopher Janke's first book, Structure of the Embryonic Rat Brain, won the Fence Modern Poets Series prize. His poems have been published in Harper's, American Poetry Review, Ploughshares, A Public Space, Field, Forklift Ohio, Conduit, and dozens of other journals.

He fixes laundry machines, tends bar, and hosts a yearly lost-and-found fashion show on 3rd Street in Turners Falls, Mass. Across the river in Greenfield, he stacks wood, cooks, writes poems, and edits manuscripts for Slope Editions, where he is VP and Senior Editor.

"Janke is one of a very small handful of younger poets whose work manages to be both technically striking and humanly moving... "
–Franz Wright